by Mark Pinkus

Released 2000
Released 2000
Melodious, semi-classical solo piano with a new age spice to it. Very intimate, moody and impressionistic in style. "A real ice-breaker!" Renee Gelpi host of Galaxie CBC
HI! New live concert videos are now up on YOUTUBE. Hopy you enjoy them.. This cd is for those who love melody, moods of light and dark and in between, music that moves with the soul of nature and lullabies you into various realities and dreams. Breakthrough is about assisting you in breaking through
the many barriers and obstacles that happen in our lives.

This solo piano cd was Recorded on a Grand Yamaha Piano. Total time: 65:05

"Canadian pianist Mark Pinkus brings a lyrical and vivacious sensibility to his craft, resulting in an album filled with dynamic, at times playful compositions. Breakthrough celebrates imagery from nature, ranging from trees to frogs, from shadows to birds flying in the spring. "Wherever You Are" evokes the longing of a long-distance love, while the "Bedroom Window" evokes a sense of the comforts of home. Perhaps what makes Breakthrough a total aural joy is how humble it is-in not trying to make a grand musical statement, Pinkus captures the grandeur of ordinary life." Carl McColman of New Age Voice.

"Mark Pinkus calls his public performances Slowing down Concerts. I like the concept. His idea is to take time to slow down and enjoy, if only for a little while, the peace that comes with the decision. It appears that his contemplative solo piano album, BREAKTHROUGH, can help you do just that. My favorite track on Breakthrough is WHEREVER YOU ARE. First of all the title is terribly romantic. Second, I think that everyone at one time or another has felt this way. Just imagine being away from someone you truly love. Even for a short time. There is a pang in the middle of your stomach. You have a shortness of breath, you are sweating and you feel an incredible yearning at the bottom of your heart. That emotion, that very feeling is captured in Mark's song. It is where you want to be....I like this idea of slowing down, Mark Pinkus' music allows us to slow down almost guilt free. I think I would like to hear this composer in person, and slow down for a while." RJ Lannan from

"BREAKTHROUGH" is very different from Mark's previous writing, so passionate, romantic and active, a great ice breaker!" Renee Gelpi, host of Galaxie on CBC digital television, Canada

"Mark is in full control of his performance on this CD, each piece wonderfully played, strong and emotional. My father had a recording of great romantic piano performances that he listened to regularly, and BREAKTHROUGH reminds me of that recording. PInkus makes many gestures towards the Romantic masters." Bill Maclean, from Beach Metro News

New Solo Piano Album now available

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Award Winning Album 2017

My 12th Album Feeling Right At Home just won the award for Best Original Solo Piano Album at the EPR music awards (Enlightened Piano Radio hosted and produced by Donovan Johnson)held at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennesse this September 2017. 

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