My Love To You

by Mark Pinkus

Released 2010
Released 2010
Semi-classical with a new age blend solo piano, melodious, soothing, very intimate and impressionistic. "My Love to YOU is a wonderful achievement." Muzikman, Nightwaves Radio "Nice stuff!" comments Bill binkleman
This CD entitled MY LOVE TO YOU is a 70 minute collection to share and offer someone you love. appreciate, care for or want to thank. Thank you all and enjoy! My love to you, Mark PInkus "Love, just love the new CD", Marie Michaels, host of Music Without Words on KKHI 109.9FM, Denver, USA...

New Solo Piano Album now available

Click on the Deep Diving Image below and you can listen to some free samples of the album and also purchase a cd, download or mp3. Cd baby will deliver the album to you anywhere in the world right to your door. 

Award Winning Album 2017

My 12th Album Feeling Right At Home just won the award for Best Original Solo Piano Album at the EPR music awards (Enlightened Piano Radio hosted and produced by Donovan Johnson)held at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennesse this September 2017. 

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