by Mark Pinkus

Released 1993
Released 1993
Semi-classical with a new-age flavour. Impressionistic, melodious, moody solo piano music. Very intimate . "I really enjoy this album." George Winston
HI Everyone! Welcome to the beautiful season of winter . I just put up some new live performance videos on YOUTUBE. Please check it out!

I was just looking at the word environment tonight when I saw the words "SimpleCity" That's the key message I've attempted to portray doing this recording: to be and live in a simpler place, a simpler environment, a simpler city. where we are with just the essential, nothing more. Yes, more than ever I believe we need to fill our lives with less so we can appreciate more. Being more simple, we can open our hearts towards much larger horizons."

Mark opened up in concert for internationally acclaimed New Age pianist/composer Michael Jones to promote this recording. It was a concert given
at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, Canada.

New Age recording artist George Winston New Age Grammy Award Winner, commented after listening to Mark's Cd SIMPLICITY "I really enjoyed this album." .
REVIEWS: "This collection of 11 pieces for solo piano (TOTAL TIME OF CD: (67:12) resounds with the feeling of contemplation, deep thought and careful observation....Unassuming and gracious PInkus demostrates a sensitivity to the simple pleasures in life..PInkus's piano style is thoughtful and naturalistic without becoming overtly cloying or overwrought. He has an ability to exploit certain registers of the piano for their nuance of timbre in creating his mood-filled emotional soundscapes...this collection of piano pieces represents a tribute to the natural world, to the spirit of the individual, to the triumph of human emotion and experience. I believe Pinkus wants to encourage us all to find more simplicity in our lives."Bryan Hachey, Toronto, Canada.

"Since George Winston's "December" Album" this is the best piano recording that I've been given to listen to." Yves Ducharme, L'ere Nouvelle Magazine, Quebec

"Simplicity is where there is peace and tranquility, A place where you have time to look at the trees and walk in the countryside, A place where you can feel the wind and contemplate the sky, A place that keeps you company as the seasons change, A place where there is nothing more beautiful than being you." Mark Pinkus

(This cd was recorded on a rich and deep sounding Steinway Grand piano). THANK YOU AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE MUSIC.

New Solo Piano Album now available

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Award Winning Album 2017

My 12th Album Feeling Right At Home just won the award for Best Original Solo Piano Album at the EPR music awards (Enlightened Piano Radio hosted and produced by Donovan Johnson)held at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennesse this September 2017. 

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