Mark Pinkus: Composer/Pianist

The Peace Messenger

by Mark Pinkus

Released 2014
Released 2014
This cd has been submitted to the upcoming 57th Grammy Awards in the category as BEST NEW AGE ALBUM. The music on this album is best described as: Piano impressionism with a new age and classic flavour
My music was described best by a broadcaster named Clyde Gilmour: Mark's solo piano music are "like beautiful stories without words." Each piece is different from the other. Moods change like the waves on an ocean. This music is extremely pictoresque and melody driven. The music is made to take you away to many places..your imagination goes for a ride. Recorded on a grand piano and the sound is extremely intimate. Hearing this music you relax more and more. This is also music for all ages. Music is played to move your spirit and soul. This is why I compose and share my music with you. Enjoy!!