Mark Pinkus

Intimate, semi-classical with a new age spice solo piano..melodious, moody, impressionistic, dreamy. All on a grand acoustic piano. "One of my favorite cds of the year!" Kathy Parsons, writer and music critic of new age piano music

Hi Everyone! New live concert videos are now up on YOUTUBE. "This music is really touching the soul. It reflects many feelings I have at this time." Robert Wierzbicki of Newage

"Congratulations on your beautiful music!" Osmar de Carvalho of Esoterica Fm Radio,Brazil.

Here is the review of TOUCHING by renowned New Age writer/critic Kathy Parsons of This review came out on May 25th,2009.

"Touching” is the fifth CD from Canadian composer/pianist Mark Pinkus, but it’s the first of his recordings that I’ve heard and I have to admit that I’m hooked! Classically-trained from an early age, Pinkus has the chops to express whatever he pleases at the piano and the grace to keep it uncomplicated when the music is best served by simplicity. The eighteen tracks on this exceptional CD range from quiet and dreamy to lighthearted and joyful without any jarring mood shifts. While it makes a lovely backdrop, Pinkus’ music is just too beautiful to keep in the background. I recently listened to it in my car for a three-hour drive and was actually reluctant to pull into the garage and shut it off! There are strong classical influences in Pinkus’ music, much of which is very melodic and structured. A bit less formal than the classics, these pieces have an easy flow that keep them in the present.

“Touching” begins with “The Path,” a piece that has almost childlike simplicity and innocence. Light and optimistic, it carries a sense of moving forward. “The Earth Is Our Home” is a hymn-like anthem to our planet that seems to warn that we must take care of it. I have no idea what “Captain Roots” is about, but I really like its minor key dark colors. I also really like “Maybe Never,” a contemplative ballad that is more fluid than some of the other pieces, but comes straight from the heart - dreamy, introspective, and honest. “Gardens In Heaven” is a playful waltz with a slightly melancholy tone. In the middle of the piece it switches gears and becomes bigger and more contemporary before returning to the original theme. “A Moment to Rest” is graceful and elegant, again looking inward with quiet emotion. One of my favorites is "Illusions." Loosely structured and mysterious it creates a variety of mental images while clearly demonstrating Pinkus’ command of the piano. From its title, I would expect “The Cat and The Giraffe” to be playful and even a little silly, but it is a gorgeous and very expressive ballad that is also a favorite. I love “Rainy Sunday Morning” and the way it conveys the easy comfort of a lazy morning without any obligations or deadlines - pure contentment! “I Love You I Love You I Love You” is a sort and sweet ode to joy. “Finally” is the final track, a warm and passionate “adieu.”

“Touching” is sure to be one of my favorite CDs for the 2009, so check it out at,,, and iTunes.

Kathy Parsons

Here is another review of "Touching" that came out on Nov/21/08 written by the Entertainment Editor Mark Tremblay of the Montreal Gazette Newspaper.." There's so much talent in this city of ours that sometimes we lose sight of the fact that it's not all concentrated in just one or two musical forms. Mark Pinkus is a good example of someone who doesn't get a lot of press but has just released his sixth album. Think George Winston. Solo piano tone poems, perfect for the upcoming winter months when ou're snuggled by a fire, sipping Sancerre and watching the wind swirl snow over the drifts in the yard. Pinkus tends toward the sombre a bit too much on this latest disc but he does it well (although he should steer clear of cliched endings like that on A Moment to Rest) and can certainly compete aesthetically with anyone on the Windham Hill roster.. Yet another Montrealer creating world class music in his chosen idiom. Well done."

Another quote from Febuary 2009: by Robert Wierzbicki of "The music is really touching the soul. It reflects many feelings I have at this time."

Here is a simple poem I wrote to set the mood for you about this 18 track solo piano 69 min cd recorded on a Grand Yamaha piano:

TOUCHING Here in the afternoon sun the leaves sway the clouds flow the shadows play the moments fly by the light is changing I stare at the sky I know you are listening for there must something inside you that you are feeling that wants to move that wants to let go that wants to be free for your inner voice cries to sing this is Touching

For those who love dream-like flowing/soothing, picturesque and very melodic piano music this cd is for you!

Mark Pinkus was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on the anniversary of Beethoven's death. At the age of 7 Mark began composing music on his yellow acoustic piano. His first composition came to him while looking out of his living room window: a black cat was balancing on the window ledge as a rainstorm was approaching. The inspiration for Mark's music comes from love, relationships, travel, moods and nature as well as from the varied experiences he had while living in Europe. The legendary CBC radio broadcaster Clyde gilmour described Mark Pinkus's music as "Beautiful little stories without words".

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