Slowly The Day Goes By

Mark Pinkus

Semi-classical, new age, Impressionistic, melodious, storytelling piano music // This cd is for those who would like to slow their lives down.. "Your music is truly wonderful." David Lanz

Hi Everyone! Please check out my new videos up on YOUTUBE. I f you want to be on an island somewhere with a cdplayer setup for you and you can take a cd with you..try this one. For all your moments of the night and day. straight ahead solo acoustic piano, raw and melodious. This cd is made for those who would like to slow the pace of life down. I hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to review and vote(with the red stars) this cd. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU.

If you want to slow down the pace of your life in some way then this cd is made for you. It's about slowing the day down to smell the roses, admire the colors in the sky, watch the children play, feel the sun, watch the leaves swaying in the wind, contemplate the stars.....there is no need to rush to go, where we are, lets slow down a bit, and breathe into and with the moment...the message of this album is based on this thought: If we were to slow down the pace of our lives, I wonder what the world would be like.
This Cd was performed on a beautiful Grand Steinway acoustic piano in front of sold out audiences at La Place des Arts in Montreal, Canada. This is Mark's first live cd recording.    "The sound and production of the album is as remarkable as the playing. Another gorgeous string of pearls from the delicate hands of Mark Pinkus. His solo music outshines most others because the songs are so creative and listenable." Renee Gelpi, Galaxie CBC Satellite Radio Toronto, Canada.
"Very nice CD. It''s definately as good as any Windham Hill music. Just goes to show how much talent this city has." Mark Tremblay, Entertainment Editor, Montreal Gazette.

"I really enjoyed your album, and your music is very interesting. A refreshing listen!" David Nevue, Host/Producer of Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, USA.
The music on SLOWLY THE DAY GOES BY reflects the beauty and mysteries of nature, love and relationships, dreams, moods, travel and the quest for peace and tranquility.  Mark’s compositions are like sound paintings, creating picturesque images that take the listener’s imagination on a journey.  From one piece to the next, there is a totally different and unique story to be told and unraveled. 

Mark's secret is allowing the listener to discover on a personal and intimate level, what the music is all about.  Mark uses the entire spectrum of the piano to express the intensity and lightness of his compositions.

Mark Pinkus was born on the anniversary of Beethoven’s death. At the age of 7 Mark began composing music on his yellow acoustic piano. His first composition came to him while he was looking out his living room window, watching a black cat balancing on the window ledge as a rainstorm approached. 

"Slowing down the pace of the day is not an easy thing to do in this very fast moving world we all live in. Even slowing down just for a few moments can be a challenge. I sincerely hope that this CD helps get you in touch with that place inside you that makes you realize just how precious slowing down the pace of our day can be. Cherish these moments and carry the experience within you wherever you are. Have a wonderful musical journey and please let me know how it was for you." Mark Pinkus NAMASTE, and I WISH YOU A WONDERFUL DAY (OR NIGHT!) Mark Pinkus

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