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Walls I Left Behind

Mark Pinkus

“Walls I Left Behind” by Mark Pinkus

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

With over 18,000 listeners on Spotify alone, award-winning solo piano player, Mark Pinkus, is doing something right. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Mark started composing music at a very young age. His 17th album, “Walls I Left Behind,” is a whopping 20

“Walls I Left Behind” by Mark Pinkus

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

With over 18,000 listeners on Spotify alone, award-winning solo piano player, Mark Pinkus, is doing something right. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Mark started composing music at a very young age. His 17th album, “Walls I Left Behind,” is a whopping 20 tracks, 74 minutes of quintessential solo piano.

Mark’s music plays around the world on New Age radio stations, online and terrestrial, as well as on satellite programs. Mark’s CDs were distributed by the label Avalon/Solitudes in 45 countries and by Polygram and Universal Music, Canada. His album “Feeling Right At Home” won the award for Best Original Solo Piano Album at the EPR music awards held in September 2017, at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Mark also writes books and composes music for documentaries.

Back in the old days when we used to have such things, I had a CD series, “Cocktail Piano,” by the late Jim Haskins. It was excellent, and it was on all the time in our house. For some reason, this Mark Pinkus CD reminds me so much of that series, only better, if such a thing is possible. Every piece on this album is very calming and you could have it on all day and never tire of it.

Every track is quite melodic, and while all are in Mark’s signature style, nothing here sounds the same as the next. I say that because it is actually artistically challenging to do that, particularly with twenty different tracks, because as artists, it is sometimes easy and perhaps automatic in some ways, to find ourselves playing the same sequence of notes or chord progressions. We don’t have any of that here, which is part of what makes this album so wonderful.

We can’t address all twenty tracks here, but some favorites: The opening composition, “No Room For Me,” is lovely and has a wistfulness about it. And yet, it’s optimistic and hopeful at the same time. “Knapsacks,” which follows, has a very sweet nostalgia about it. Yes, we have left childhood behind, but those memories are always part of us. “From Place To Place” has a wonderful cadence and melody. There is no traveling frenzy here. We are simply moving gracefully from place to place.

We all experience darkness in our lives at one time or another. Regarding “Sunny Days Behind The Clouds,” Mark says, “It might take quite some time to pierce through the darkness we are experiencing but sooner or later that light will find a way to pierce through and give us new life to move on.” It’s so true. There’s a bit of a quiet, somber aspect to the piece, as one might surmise. However, as Mark says, there is always that light. This is a great piece for introspection and contemplation.

Of “In Search of Whales,” Mark says, “My dream is to see a whale in the ocean. I’ve gone to places where they are but for some reason, I never saw one. That’s what inspired this piece.” Well, for someone who has never seen a whale in the ocean, I would say this composition captures the grandeur of these creatures perfectly. Dramatic chords begin the song, and it just gets better from there. I love this.

Gentle, peaceful, melodic, “Take Down The Fences,” is beautiful in all its vulnerability. There comes a time in life where you must let your guard down in order to love. This is gorgeous in every way. The album closes out with one of my ultimate favorites here, “This Is All About Love.” The chord progressions are wonderful, the elegant melody as well, and Mark’s piano performance certainly highlights his great gift of musical artistry. Do yourself a favor and get the whole album. It’s all wonderfully relaxing and effortlessly heart-centering. Yes, it IS all about love.

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Ballerina in the Sky

Mark Pinkus

Ballerina in the Sky is the latest release from Canadian composer andpianist Mark Pinkus. On this fifteen-track album, Pinkus usesclassical blandishments over contemporary themes to create a solo pianorecording of relaxing and pensive tunes suitable for all listeners of manygenres. The music is lighter than a graceful jeté and more delightful than

Ballerina in the Sky is the latest release from Canadian composer and
pianist Mark Pinkus. On this fifteen-track album, Pinkus uses
classical blandishments over contemporary themes to create a solo piano
recording of relaxing and pensive tunes suitable for all listeners of many
genres. The music is lighter than a graceful jeté and more delightful than
an afternoon in a turn-of-the-century French parlor. Mark Pinkus in an
award-winning composer who plays on the global stage. Mark likes to perform
live, and his music is often heard on satellite and radio stations around
the world.

The album opens with the tune Simple Music for Complex People. Pinkus’
subject is an attention-getter without being showy. There is a lot to hear.
In this unpretentious song, including the suggestion of sunny skies and
romantic walks. You can easily get enchanted by this music.

Je Ne Fais Rien De MaVie translates as “ I Do Nothing with My Life. “
It is one of the more poignant songs on the album, and I cannot believe this.
applies to this remarkable artist. But if we succeed on some level in life,
It may not be at the level we hoped for. The music, however, is persistent.

The Ballerina in the Sky may be helped by this song called The Wind.
Mark’s tune is heartfelt and beautiful. The melody may suggest a blustery
time once in a while, but consistency is found by the end. The tune
The Light is On is a kind of promise. A promise that you will wait
matter what. Night after night, you watch the path, hoping for a return.

The Early Morning Coffee Club is a favourite of mine for its classical
undercurrents. Although the day is bright and new, you have your own plans.
Every new day is a new opportunity to try again. Sometimes the club only
has a single member, but that does not dissuade you from trying to beat the
rising sun at its own game.

Total Lack of Communication is sombre and seriously moody. There are even
some dissonant notes in the phrasing that lead you to think there is a
problem on every level. There is a storm in this mind, as if almost on the
brink of despair. There is awfulness in the music.

The title track, Ballerina in the Sky, is an intricate composition with a
lot of delicate movement, some flowing strides, and a great deal of
elegance. Mark has imbued the song with a graceful symmetry, a balance if
you will, of melody and message. It is obvious that the ballerina appears
weightless, but in fact she bears the weight of her commitment. Great

Twisting of My Mind is one of the more animated tunes on the album. It is
waltz of complications and confusion. The melody starts out somewhat
romantic, but the theme seems to find a murky place and hover there. It is
not all dark, but there is a feeling of overcasting sensibilities. Take
heart. The clouds will part soon.

There is a warm familiarity about the tune The Tree of Prayer. The melody
is light and reverent. The music suggests to me that there is salvation in
a smile. There is hope in every good deed. But most importantly, our God(s)
hears every prayer. 

Other tracks include Caught Between, Miracles, Dream After Dream, and Breathe.
In Peace, The Bird and the Dog, Take Your Time, and Mi Amica Graziella.

There is a lot of music on this album. Mark Pinkus is generous in his
offerings to help you find calm, but also to do a bit of thinking along the
way. There are memories to recall, romances to live over, and dreams to
fulfil with the help of this sensitive and sometimes sensual music. With
almost a dozen highly listenable albums to his credit, this composer
seems to always be on the right track. Highly recommended. R.J.J Lannan,
ArtisanMusic Reviews

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Deep Diving: 2018
  • Deep Diving: 2018
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Original Impressionistic Solo Piano Stories

I call my my solo piano sound and style "Piano Impressionism." Each solo piano piece played on a grand piano is very intimate, velvety in sound and changes moods like the waves on the ocean. There are unpredictable twists and turns in my music and when you close your eyes and listen you will most likely go places that you haven't been before in your imagination. As you listen to the musical journey you'll come to a deeper place of calm and relaxation....some tension and worries etc will melt away.. I am very happy to share my music with you. Thanks so much for listening!! with love and light, Mark

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Feeling Right at Home: 2016
  • Feeling Right at Home: 2016
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Neo-classical original solo piano pieces for you to dream and deeply relax to.

Original solo piano music in the neo-classical and new age styles. Each piece creates a journey that is at times unpredictable, with twists and turns along the way. Recorded on a gorgeous sounding 9' Steinway. This music lives in the world of your dreams, moods, relationships, travels, love and nature. Music that is made to help you relax and cast your worries away.

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Romantic Excuse: 2015
  • Romantic Excuse: 2015
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This time I took another road from my original new age piano music and wrote this jazzy/saloon like solo piano composition.

I call my music Piano Impressionism. Each solo piano piece tells a story that came from an actual personal experience. The music is very moody and filled with colours of life and nature.

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Passion: 2015
  • Passion: 2015
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Beautiful little stories without words

My piano compositions are changing sound landscapes, moody, very intimate and imaginative. Great for relaxing, resting, to feel better or to simply travel to other places while listening. Almost every piece has a surprise and mood shift, like life itself, always changing, sometimes in unpredictable territories..I call my music Piano Impressionism..

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Travel Light: 2012
  • Travel Light: 2012
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Very Intimate, highly melodic,deeply soothing and moody New Age/Classical acoustic solo piano pieces played on a Grand Piano and created for all ages. Each piece is a universe within itself that tells a beautiful instrumental story.

Travel Light is about 2 things: when we travel to places it's better to carry fewer things, ie travel light. And secondly we need to think less and travel lighter in our minds, be less "busy" with all this technology..if you're into travelling lighter in whatever way in life, this album is there to accompany you all along the way. All the pieces are performed on a Grand Acoustic Piano. Happy and safe travels!!

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Starting To Believe: 2011
  • Starting To Believe: 2011
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Semi-classical with a new age blend. My first recording, made in 1990. performed on various upright and grand piano with a track on synths. My earliest years at the piano.

Solo acoustic piano. The message of this cd is as follows: Starting to Believe in yourself comes from within and not from others nor from the outside world. This is Pinkus at the very early recording stages of his career. A journey back in time for the present moment. Enjoy!!

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My Love To You: 2010
  • My Love To You: 2010
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Semi-classical with a new age blend solo piano, melodious, soothing, very intimate and impressionistic. This album entitled MY LOVE TO YOU is a 70 minute collection to share and offer someone you love. appreciate, care for or want to thank. Thank you all and enjoy! My love to you, Mark PInkus

"My Love to YOU is a wonderful achievement." Muzikman, Nightwaves Radio "Nice stuff!" comments Bill binkleman

"Love, just love the new CD", Marie Michaels, host of Music Without Words on KKHI 109.9FM, Denver, USA

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Slowly The Day Goes By: 2006
  • Slowly The Day Goes By: 2006
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Semi-classical, new age, Impressionistic, melodious, storytelling piano music // This album is for those who would like to slow their lives down..

"Your music is truly wonderful." David Lanz

For all your moments of the night and day. straight ahead solo acoustic piano, raw and melodious. This cd is made for those who would like to slow the pace of life down. I hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to review and vote(with the red stars) this cd. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU.

If you want to slow down the pace of your life in some way then this cd is made for you. It's about slowing the day down to smell the roses, admire the colors in the sky, watch the children play, feel the sun, watch the leaves swaying in the wind, contemplate the stars.....there is no need to rush to go anywhere...here, where we are, lets slow down a bit, and breathe into and with the moment...the message of this album is based on this thought: If we were to slow down the pace of our lives, I wonder what the world would be like.

This Cd was performed on a beautiful Grand Steinway acoustic piano in front of sold out audiences at La Place des Arts in Montreal, Canada. This is Mark's first live cd recording. "The sound and production of the album is as remarkable as the playing. Another gorgeous string of pearls from the delicate hands of Mark Pinkus. His solo music outshines most others because the songs are so creative and listenable." Renee Gelpi, Galaxie CBC Satellite Radio Toronto, Canada. "Very nice CD. It''s definately as good as any Windham Hill music. Just goes to show how much talent this city has." Mark Tremblay, Entertainment Editor, Montreal Gazette.

"I really enjoyed your album, and your music is very interesting. A refreshing listen!" David Nevue, Host/Producer of Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, USA.

The music on SLOWLY THE DAY GOES BY reflects the beauty and mysteries of nature, love and relationships, dreams, moods, travel and the quest for peace and tranquility. Mark’s compositions are like sound paintings, creating picturesque images that take the listener’s imagination on a journey. From one piece to the next, there is a totally different and unique story to be told and unravelled.

Mark's secret is allowing the listener to discover on a personal and intimate level, what the music is all about. Mark uses the entire spectrum of the piano to express the intensity and lightness of his compositions.

Mark Pinkus was born on the anniversary of Beethoven’s death. At the age of 7 Mark began composing music on his yellow acoustic piano. His first composition came to him while he was looking out his living room window, watching a black cat balancing on the window ledge as a rainstorm approached.

"Slowing down the pace of the day is not an easy thing to do in this very fast moving world we all live in. Even slowing down just for a few moments can be a challenge. I sincerely hope that this CD helps get you in touch with that place inside you that makes you realize just how precious slowing down the pace of our day can be. Cherish these moments and carry the experience within you wherever you are. Have a wonderful musical journey and please let me know how it was for you." Mark Pinkus NAMASTE, and I WISH YOU A WONDERFUL DAY (OR NIGHT!) Mark Pinkus

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Free Spirit: 2007
  • Free Spirit: 2007
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Semi-classical, impressionistic melodious, emotional and moody acoustic piano. With a new age flavour. This cd is relaxing and deliciously soothing . "Beautiful playing and composing." Deborah Gibson

HI everyone! New videos are now up of my last concert on YOUUBE. Please check it out!! I wish you all a very happy and healthy summer season. This music is for people of ALL AGES. It's a different journey every time you hear it.

Listeners say this music is for "relieving big time stress, massage, quiet contemplation, yoga practise, pure relaxation, a stroll into the welcoming arms of nature...it's uplifting, inspiring, romantic, very picturesque, soothing,and healing Here's a little poem I wrote: Each note is a drop of rain, Each note is a ray of sunshine, Each note caresses the stars, And washed away the pain, Then time has lost its name.

The photo on the cover of Free Spirit was taken in Brazil. The horse is running wild on the shoreline in the hot orange-toned brazilian sun. The pieces on this recording are highly melodic and moody, ranging from gentle as soft rain to fast flowing like a river. The pieces are made to feel your emotions and deeply let go and relax into your world of imagination and color. Ideal for background music or simply for closing your eyes and letting the sounds of the piano take you away....

FREE SPIRIT HIT #30 ON THE NEW AGE RADIO AIRWAVES TOP 50 CHART IN THE UNITED STATES. Mark was just named Artist of the month for May 2008 on the Canadian Instrumental New Age Satellite Radio. FREE SPIRIT: TOTAL TIME OF CD:(68:54) REVIEW: "Spirits longing to break free will embrace this baker's dozen of positively pleasant pieces composed for grand piano. Pinkus evidences a very delicate touch, especially on "Journey to Trust" and "Un papillon sur ton Epaule" where his fast fingers flit like enchaned moths over the ivories. On "Overture to Peace" and "Nocturne 2,"there is a more suitably sonorous, contemplative mood established by his use of space and dynamic tension. Throughout each of these instrumentals, he uses rising phrasing and the occasional arabesque to accent otherwise tranquil tones, thus giving rise to colorful imagery and deeper emotional shading. Reaching a pinnacle on "The Horse," Pinkus' crafsmanship is simply superb, succinctly capturing the true equine essence of the subject. Highly melodic and deeply thought-provoking, this music is for those who dare to dream." written by PJ Birosik of Newageretailer.com "ENJOY THE RIDE!" Thank you!

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Breakthrough: 2000
  • Breakthrough: 2000
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Melodious, semi-classical solo piano with a new age spice to it. Very intimate, moody and impressionistic in style. "A real ice-breaker!" Renee Gelpi host of Galaxie CBC

This cd is for those who love melody, moods of light and dark and in between, music that moves with the soul of nature and lullabies you into various realities and dreams. Breakthrough is about assisting you in breaking through the many barriers and obstacles that happen in our lives.

This solo piano cd was Recorded on a Grand Yamaha Piano. Total time: 65:05

"Canadian pianist Mark Pinkus brings a lyrical and vivacious sensibility to his craft, resulting in an album filled with dynamic, at times playful compositions. Breakthrough celebrates imagery from nature, ranging from trees to frogs, from shadows to birds flying in the spring. "Wherever You Are" evokes the longing of a long-distance love, while the "Bedroom Window" evokes a sense of the comforts of home. Perhaps what makes Breakthrough a total aural joy is how humble it is-in not trying to make a grand musical statement, Pinkus captures the grandeur of ordinary life." Carl McColman of New Age Voice.

"Mark Pinkus calls his public performances Slowing down Concerts. I like the concept. His idea is to take time to slow down and enjoy, if only for a little while, the peace that comes with the decision. It appears that his contemplative solo piano album, BREAKTHROUGH, can help you do just that. My favorite track on Breakthrough is WHEREVER YOU ARE. First of all the title is terribly romantic. Second, I think that everyone at one time or another has felt this way. Just imagine being away from someone you truly love. Even for a short time. There is a pang in the middle of your stomach. You have a shortness of breath, you are sweating and you feel an incredible yearning at the bottom of your heart. That emotion, that very feeling is captured in Mark's song. It is where you want to be....I like this idea of slowing down, Mark Pinkus' music allows us to slow down almost guilt free. I think I would like to hear this composer in person, and slow down for a while." RJ Lannan from www.newagereporter.com

"BREAKTHROUGH" is very different from Mark's previous writing, so passionate, romantic and active, a great ice breaker!" Renee Gelpi, host of Galaxie on CBC digital television, Canada

"Mark is in full control of his performance on this CD, each piece wonderfully played, strong and emotional. My father had a recording of great romantic piano performances that he listened to regularly, and BREAKTHROUGH reminds me of that recording. PInkus makes many gestures towards the Romantic masters." Bill Maclean, from Beach Metro News

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Beautiful playing and composing.” - Deborah Gibson
Beautiful little stories without words.” - Clyde Gilmour
The sound and production of the album is as remarkable as the playing. Another gorgeous string of pearls from the delicate hands of Mark Pinkus. His solo music outshines most others because the songs are so creative and listenable.” - Renee Gelpi